The official, full-length trailer* for “Streetwise: Burn The Night,” the sequel to the popular hit, “Streetwise.”

Directed by Scott Murphy
Produced by badland pictures

Matt Dearman as Lt. Colin Street
Erik Schiller as Davian Trace
Patrick Fox as Eddie Grove
Hannah Margaret Allen as Laura Street
Sam King as Chris “Broadway” Broaden
Emily Blocher as Sunset Boulevard
Scott Murphy as Det. Michael Lane

Shot on the Canon 5D Mark ii

To watch the original Streetwise, watch this:

*As much as we want it to, this movie does not actually exist. Only a fake trailer. Very, very fake.

Breakups are so political.

Directed by Scott Murphy
Written by Daniel Hubbard
Produced by badland pictures

Matt Dearman
Lindsey Johnson
Daniel Hubbard
Sam King
Erik Schiller
Patrick Fox
Ted Kitterman
Blair Campion
Emily Blocher
and More

A brand-new tough gritty throwback crime drama from Badland Pictures.

Hero vs. Villain. Brother vs. Brother. On these mean streets, there are no rules.

An up-and-coming star’s rise to fame is captured through the lens of a single paparazzi photographer.

Winner of the Indie Award at Bootleg Film Festival 2011 in London.

For his performance, Matt Dearman won Best Actor at the 2010 Screenfest Film Festival.

Official Selections:
Edgemar Film Festival – Santa Monica, CA
Bootleg Film Festival – London, England
Green Bay Film Festival – Green Bay, WI

Directed by Scott Murphy
Written by Matt Dearman & Scott Murphy
Produced by Matt Dearman, Scott Murphy, & Melissa Priode

Matt Dearman as Jack Bradley
Melissa Priode as Caroline Jordan